Theatre etiquette

 The Diamonds perform at CPAC's 2018 Season Launch

Dress code

We get asked this question a lot! We want you to feel comfortable when attending a performance at PACC so wear what you normally would when visiting friends or family, or going out for the day. There is no strict dress code. Smart/casual is always best however on certain evenings you may want to dress up and get into the spirit of the show - and we encourage that. You certainly won't feel alone as our staff like to dress according to the theme of the performance, and we want patrons to have just as much fun as we do!

Before you take your seat

  • We recommend arriving at PACC around half an hour before the advertised starting time.
  • Please switch off or set your mobile phone to silent before entering the auditorium. We ask that you refrain from using your phone during a performance - the light from your phone screen can be distracting for those on stage, and for other patrons around you.
  • Patrons are able to take drinks purchased at the bar with them into the auditorium, provided that beer or wine has been dispensed into plastic drinkware. Please remember that food is not permitted in the auditorium.
  • Unless otherwise stated, photography, audio and/or visual recording of a performance is strictly prohibited.


Please be aware that latecomers cannot be admitted until a suitable break in the performance. Once a performance has commenced, if you need to leave for any reason, please ensure this is done quickly and quietly and at an appropriate break in the action to avoid disturbing the performers and your fellow audience members.

Bags, Prams and Walkers

For the safety and comfort of patrons, large bags, prams and walking frames are not permitted in the auditorium during a performance.